"Beautiful, powerful, haunting, amazing"

- Eric Schlosser, Investigative Journalist

"It is magnificent — at once more intense and powerful than I could have ever imagined and stunningly beautiful."

- Cynthia Lazaroff, Impact Fellow

"Expertly crafted narrative aside, every so often I come across an #XR technique that feels like it should become a standard"

- Alex Columbe, from Twitter

"First of all, I’m very glad this exists, and I’m very glad that I watched it… The production quality and art design is outstanding."

- Quest 2 Owner

"I am from Hawai’i and had to live through this experience.  This app is a treasure and also allows many of us to connect to the ontology of cultural practice as well as comprehension of what Native Hawaiians living in the islands face regarding issues such as colonialism and neocolonialism and settler colonialism.  The art style is superb and very moving."

- Quest 2 Owner

"A wake up call"

- Quest 2 Owner

"Simply amazing."

- Quest 2 Owner

"This is a powerful and viceral experience.  No one should miss it."

- Quest 2 Owner

"Haunting yet Beautiful"

- Quest 2 Owner

Press highlights

"On the Morning You Wake does a phenomenal job of placing viewers into the shoes of the Hawaiian people"
- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium

"So, let's start with this: the piece itself is beautiful. It is an emotional, poetic and evocative journey into what it means to wake up one day, with the sun rising "beautiful and ominous", and have to face a situation for which no one - not even your government - has ever prepared you"
- Agnese Pietrobon, XR Must

"Deeply affective….I’ve rarely seen better use of the 360° medium."
- Austin Craig, Tech Buzz

"Using VR to help audiences re-situate themselves in space and time might be able to change the way they see the world"
- Alissa Wilkonson, Vox

"A riveting plunge into the fragility of everyday life in a society at the mercy of unseen threats."
- IndieWire

"On the Morning You Wake reaches for perspectives that can move us collectively past the dialectics of power and conflict."
- No Proscenium

"A master class in immersive storytelling... one of the most powerful experiences I’ve seen in VR."
- Voices of VR

"An emotionally impactful and beautifully told story, delivered with stunning technical craftsmanship."
- SXSW Film Festival Jury

"And while it’s largely a passive (albeit, 360-degree) experience, brief, unexpected moments of interactivity make it more compelling; a testament to the VR medium."
- Fast Company