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Raise attention!

Tell people about the threat. Continue lobbying.

Try to convince my person next to me to support ICAN

Spreading the message and asking my government to end this violence

Make donation, advocate, sign petition …

I’ll work to convince people to act to promote a safer world.

Eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons

Tell as many people as possible what is happening and why we need to fight the danger.

Tell someone about nw

Call my beloved ones, tell them I love them

Leave urban areas

I’m not sure what anyone could do in 38 minutes, but if there was one thing that could be achieved immediately I would choose disarmament

Call friends and family about the topic

Tell as many people as possible about the impact of weapons

I AM ICAN & WIPF member. Write a letter to NATO head Stoltenberg, inviting him to see the VR “On the morning…

Tell my network about the nuclear threat and ICAN

Write to political leaders for them to take action

Talk to people

Write an article

I will continue my efforts to get US Americans to understand and support the TPNW

Writing my parliamentarians

Keep informing people about the threat we all are facing

Spread awareness about the destruction (nuclear) warfare imposes. Not only are there huge destructions in terms of infrastructure, but there are huge impacts on the humanitarian and environmental level as well.

Ban weapons

Reverse Brexit

I think that 38 minutes is too short to make my world a safer place. But I can change thoughts of some people, so I would talk with people as many as possible.

Get the message out to as many people as possible

Make friends and family aware of the risks of nuclear weapons and tell them where to seek information.



I would make sure my family knows that these exist.

Talk to people about the impact of nuclear weapons

Volunteer for ICAN to learn what to do

Stick together

Spread awareness

Abolish nuclear weapons

This is a difficult question… I just think that starting to find how to make the world safer and enact change is the only and a necessary step to take.

Call all people out on the streets in the whole world to show the leaders that their power is senseless without people, that the “normal 99% people” would never nuke each other

Spread awareness on the topic of warfare (especially nuclear)

Eliminate nuclear weapons

I’d leave a message to encourage people especially my family and youth to keep working for peace even in the depressing time….

To pledge to take action towards world peace and to tell this story to my family and friends

Not sure, because you cannot change an insane political system in 38 mins that has legacies, and legitimatized the use of extreme violence and Elimination tools to exterminate the “other” as a last resort to dispute settlement. We must reflect the advocacy of Karl Deutsche, in creating pluralistic security communities, where the use of violence is unthinkable, because systems of dependable expectation of peaceful change have been integrated and institutionalized in all aspects of political and social discourses.

Contact concern department whether the alert is real. Prepare to evacuate.

Singing, dancing or poetry

Ban Nuclear Weapons

Speak up on nuclear reduction and peace

Pushing governments to do ban nukes

Spread love to as many ppl as I can.

Spread love to as many ppl as I can

Talk about the threat of nuclear weapons to everyone I encounter and share with them the existence of the tool that bans them.


I would try to find shelter for my loved ones, even though it probably would not help much and find ways to document and raise awareness on the the risk posed by NW and how people are forced to live their last moments when they should not have to.

Try and help those physically close

Work towards universalisation and implementing tpnw

Seek a new initiative review actions

Start a conversation with someone who isn’t informed about nuclear weapons.

Sign petitions for no more nuclear weapons

I would write down what I should do as my life work for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Look for opportunities to learn more on how to help

Promote the need for disarmament

Talk to loved ones about how we can support one another.

In that situation I’d look to friends and family and embrace those around me. I’d also try to encourage a lack of retaliation to save the lives of others.

I would call my friends or family to feel a sense of comfort. I would also walk through my house and then sit and wait in my basement with my most meaningful objects.

Support the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Start a conversation with someone who isn’t informed about nuclear weapons.

Stop the gas stations


Get underground

In my 38 minutes, I would read aloud testimonies from the survivors of Hiroshima so that people can understand the violence against humanity, in personal terms, that nuclear weapons represent.

In my 38 minutes, I would I will run before that search for the nearest fallout shelter no I already know where the nearest fallout shelter is because I already thought of all of this America

In my 38 minutes, I would search for and try to make it to the nearest fallout shelter.

In my 38 minutes, I would call my family, and do everything in my power to tell them that we need to change the policies around nuclear weapons.

I would sign petitions, send my diplomat messages, and I would have a conversation with some one about why weapons of mass destruction are dangerous and harmful.

Find shelter with my loved ones.

Make housing affordable!

Offer not-messy fruits to random people and smile at them.

I would take a one last walk in the park, and try to plant one tree